Primary workshops | at both sites

Experience an interactive, hands-on learning experience focused on STEM, Social Studies and Expressive Arts inspired by objects and stories from our collection.

Under the Sea *NEW* Nursery - P2 (1 hour)

Join Angie the Anglerfish as we journey from the beach to the deep sea exploring different habitats and objects we find in and around our oceans in this interactive STEM story. Afterwards we will investigate the objects we find. Do they float or sink? Are they living or not? Do they belong in the sea? SCN 0-01a, SCN 0-15a, SOC 0-08a, TCH 0-10a / SCN 1-07a, TCH 1-06a

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Nursery - P3 (1 hour - 90 minutes)

Our most popular early primary workshop based on the book by Ronda and David Armitage. Join Mr and Mrs Grindling and try to keep today’s lunch away from those pesky seagulls! This workshop comes in two flavours. 1) Design, make and deliver a delicious lunch for Mr Grindling EXA 0-02a / EXA 1-02a, LIT 1-04a 2) Investigate which material is best to use for Mr Grindling’s picnic basket LIT 1-04a, TCH 0-10a / LIT 1-04a, SCN 1-07a, TCH 1-10a

Katie Morag and Island Life P1 - P3 (1 hour)

Using Katie Morag stories as a stimulus, pupils will learn about life on Scottish islands by examining boat models, our puffer MV Spartan and items from our collection. SOC 1-02a, SOC 1-14a, TCH 1-11a 6

The Pirates Who Turned the Tide *NEW* P2 - P4 (1 hour)

Ahoy landlubbers! Based on the wonderful new picture book by local author Greta Yorke, pupils will investigate recycling and keeping our oceans clean, all with a piratey theme! Arrrrr!
TCH 1-06a, TCH 1-10a, SCN 1-15a /
TCH 2-06a, TCH 2-10a

Scottish Shipbuilding P4 - P7 (75 minutes)

Combine STEM and Social Studies in the story of Scottish shipbuilding and its importance to the lives of people in Irvine and Dumbarton. This includes object handling and an investigation into different ways to power a ship and the forces involved. Pupils will design and test their own vessel on our pond (Irvine) or mini test tank (Dumbarton). SOC 2-01a, SOC 2-02a, SOC 2-03a, SOC 2-06a, SCN 2-07a, TCH 2-09a

Buoyant Adventures *NEW* P4 - P7 (60 minutes)

Explore buoyancy, density, floating, sinking and the science behind the world’s first ‘Eureka!’ moment in this interactive STEM workshop. SOC 2-06a, SCN 2-08b, SCN 2-20a

Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship P4 - P7 (60 minutes)

What led to the world’s most famous shipping disaster? Pupils will discover the science behind sinking ‘the unsinkable ship’ and will get to test out some historic lifejackets before designing their own. SOC 2-01a, SOC 2-06a, SCN 2-08b

Coming soon!

- Fantastic Forces! P4-7
- Rocks and Fossils P4-7
- Sustainable Shipping P4-7
- Navigation: Space and Sea

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