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Scottish Shipyard Memories

Calling all Scottish Shipyard Workers and their Families

Have you got any stories to share about life in and around Scottish shipyards?  We are looking to create a memory wall as part of our Summer ‘24 exhibition exploring “Shipyards and its People”. Maybe you worked in the shipyards and had memorable encounters with other workers? Maybe you have a tale to tell of friendship, love and loss? Maybe you were a kid living life alongside the hustle and bustle of maritime industry. Maybe you have stories to tell of being a wife in a shipbuilding community? Or maybe you are a family member who wants to retell stories that you’ve heard from your parents or grandparents?

Our exhibition will be telling the stories of the shipyard, but we wanted include a space for those personal memories that aren’t always captured. Funny stories, sad stories, and tales of life in and around the shipyards are welcome.

If you would like to share anything that you think fits with Scottish shipyard memories, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. We would be happy with written recollections, oral histories or even as a video.

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