The Denny Tank is located in West Dunbartonshire, in the town of Dumbarton on the River Clyde, close to Dumbarton Castle. It was built by the Denny family, Victorian shipbuilders and designers, famous for their work on the fastest tea-clipper of her times SV CuttySark and inventors of the Denny helicopter, the Denny hovercraft and owners of the world’s first commercial ship model experiment tank. It is this innovation which sets William Denny & Brothers aside fro other Clydeside shipbuilders. The firm was always ‘one step ahead’ and was even working on the development of the hovercraft just before the shipbuilding industry took a sharp downturn, causing Denny’s yard to close its doors for the final time in 1963.

The tank continued to operate as a commercial business even after it was acquired as part of the Scottish Maritime Museum. The tank is as long as a football pitch and still retains much of its original equipment in working order.

The Scottish Maritime Museum provides a unique and stimulating environment which helps to put learning into context and brings it to life. It provides the sensory experiences of handling real objects, dressing up and exploring original, restored buildings in a distinguished, historical setting.

A guide for teachers, with links relevant to the Curriculum for Excellence, is available from the Museum. This details the activities programme being offered by the Scottish Maritime Museum to enhance students’ learning, either during a visit to the Museum or through ‘outreach’ to schools. Since the Museum focuses on primarily on the maritime history of Scotland, our educational activities cover the broad areas of Science, Technology, Expressive Arts and Social Studies.