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The Scottish Maritime Museum has received generous funding from Maths Week Scotland 2022 to allow us to facilitate 5 FREE school visits. This will be an exciting opportunity to explore real world applications of mathematics in fun, interactive sessions. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

  • Each visit is estimated to run from 10am – 2pm
  • Sessions are aimed at year groups P4-P7
  • Travel subsidies of up to £250 may be available for schools in need

All pupils will receive FREE entry to the museum where they will enjoy tours from our visitor services staff, complete our maths trail and take part in our special maths workshop The Maths of Ship Design.

The Maths of Ship Design – FREE Workshop

The Maths of Ship Design workshop focuses on the social history of ship building in Scotland: who built Scottish ships, what jobs were involved and the different types of maths each role used. The workshop will encourage students to explore how maths can be used for all sorts of jobs and in their own lives too.

In keeping with the Maths Week theme, the ‘Beauty of Maths’ there will also be a special emphasis on ship design, examining ship blueprints and also dazzle camouflage, which uses geometric shapes and patterns. Students will have the opportunity to paint their own dazzle pattern and explore the effectiveness of their design using a periscope.

To book, a school contact should email the Learning Team at at education@scotmaritime.org.uk or call 01294 480989

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