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Second / Third level workshops

Buoyant Adventures, P4 – P7 (60 minutes)
Explore buoyancy, density, floating, sinking and the science behind the world’s first ‘Eureka!’ moment in this interactive STEM workshop.
SOC 2-06a, SCN 2-08b, SCN 2-20a

Scottish Shipbuilding, P4 – P7 (60 -75 minutes)
Combine STEM and Social Studies in the story of Scottish shipbuilding and its importance to the lives of people around the Clyde and beyond. Dive into the minds of Victorian scientists and engineers as you discover the wonder of steam power and explore fantastic forces and have the opportunity to handle and investigate historic shipyard objects.
SOC 2-01a, SOC 2-02a, SOC 2-06a, SCN 2-04a, TCH 2-10a

Investigating Titanic, P4 – P7 (60 minutes)
What led to the world’s most famous shipping disaster? Pupils will discover the science behind sinking ‘the unsinkable ship’ and will get to test out some historic lifejackets, write morse code messages and more.
SOC 2-01a, SOC 2-06a, SCN 2-08b

Make a Museum, P6 – S3 (1 hour)
Fancy yourself as a Museum curator? Using our object handling boxes, replicas of our objects, design your own museum display and learn about working in a museum.
HWB 2-20a, SOC 2-01a / HWB 3-20a, SOC 3-01a, SOC 3-02a

Maritime Codebreaking, P6 – S3 (1 hour)
Codes have been used for centuries, to send distress messages from the Titanic, encrypt secret messages on the Enigma machine in WWII and even in Roman armies. In this numeracy-based workshop we’ll test some coding techniques and write our own.
MTH 3-13a, TCH 3-13a, TCH 3-14a

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