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Do you have a visual story of a typical school visit?

Yes we do,

Visual Guide Primary Schools – Irvine

Visual Guide Primary Schools – Dumbarton

Where can we eat lunch?

A designated lunch seating area will be available for you during your visit to us. If the weather is fair there is outside spaces at both Irvine and Dumbarton.

Is there somewhere to store coats and bags?

Yes, a storage rack for your sole use will be provided during your visit.

Is there a shop or café?

Both of our sites have a gift shop. In Irvine we have a coffee bar in the Linthouse building and in Denny there is a small café.

Do you have a risk assessment available for our visit?

When you book with us, we will provide you with our risk assessment and a visual story guide to your visit.

Where should the bus drop us off?

Both sites have parking provided for buses near the entrance to the building. At our Irvine site you can be dropped off at the main entrance and the driver will be guided where to park.

How do we pay for our visit?

You can choose to pay on the day of the visit by cheque or be invoiced after the visit. You will only be charged for children that attend on the day of the visit.

What are the maximum group numbers for a day visit?

90 children at our Irvine site and 33 at Dumbarton.

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