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To promote Ayrshire’s food and drink, the Scottish Maritime Museum is set to co-host an exciting new tour following in the footsteps of Ayrshire’s Carters and exploring Irvine’s fascinating history as a trading port.

The new tour – Carters and Coastal Culture – Ayrshire’s Food Journey – will take place on Saturday 12 February with two tours available – 10am and 2pm.

Tours participants will walk alongside an ‘Ayrshire Carter’ in period costume from Tasting History Scotland as they tour Irvine Harbour, which was once a major trading port.

Participants will enjoy hearing how Ayrshire’s Carters used Clydesdale horses and carts to transport food, drink, spices, and exotic foodstuff all over Ayrshire, the West Coast and to Glasgow, even before the Clyde was dredged and the trade centre shifted to Glasgow.

The Carters and Coastal Culture tour will also pass the Ship Inn, the oldest pub in Irvine and where Captain Brown famously told Robert Burns go to Jamaica to seek his fortune!

Other highlights before arriving at the Scottish Maritime Museum will include the Carters statue and a look at ‘auld Scots wurds’ such as those etched into paving stones along the Harbourside.

The tour will conclude at the Scottish Maritime Museum where everyone can explore Scotland’s ‘Cathedral of Engineering’ and learn more about Scotland’s importance to maritime history and the people that built and sailed Scottish ships around the world.

Tour tickets, which include Museum Admission are priced £10 per Adult with up to two Children (under 12 years of age) joining for FREE.

For more information visit www.scottishmaritimemuseum.org where there is a link to buy tickets

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