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Age of Oil

Saturday 27th July - Tuesday 12th November 2019

The Scottish Maritime Museum presents ‘Age of Oil’, in association with National Museums Scotland. This temporary exhibition showcases the work of visual artist Sue Jane Taylor from her residences on the oil & gas  platforms of the North Sea.

Over the past decade Taylor produced artworks, films and hundreds of sketches, capturing day to day life and work on the platforms.  She has witnessed the decline of the oil and gas industry and documented the developments in renewable energy undertaken in Scotland.

‘Age of Oil’ runs from July 27th 2019b to November 12th 2019 at the Denny Tank, Dumbarton.

“This exhibition focuses on my North Sea artworks from the last decade. Visually these offshore installations are brutal, not bonnie, built for pure function, crude oil and gas production, and more recently renewable power generation. I have witnessed at first hand the start of the oil & gas industry’s immense decommissioning programme, which constitutes such a complex and fascinating period in North Sea maritime history.

Located in ever changing remote natural environments, over the years they have taken on their own individual social atmosphere created by people who have personalised their offshore work spaces. I found it poignant watching workers, who have had lifelong attachments to their platform, shut it down, abandon their work site and end its life.” 

– Sue Jane Taylor

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