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Saturday 11 September 2021 – Sunday 9 January 2022
The Glass Ships in Bottles exhibition curated by Dr Ayako Tani, a glass artist and researcher uncovers a remarkable story of ingenuity. Faced with redundancy following the decline of heavy industry in the 1970s, highly skilled scientific glassblowers in the UK combined their experience making laboratory apparatus in an open flame with artistic flair to create and sell glass ships in bottles.
Saturday 11th September 2021 - Tuesday 7th December 2021
Professor Helmut Langer and Journeys in Design Curator Dr John Ennis bring Ocean Posters Against Plastic Pollution to the Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine. The multi-cultural students poster project has been shown internationally and as part of the United Nations World Ocean Day.
Thursday 29th April 2021 - Tuesday 21st September 2021
The Scottish Maritime Museum’s latest exhibition 'Woven Waves: The Jutland Tapestries' showcases artist Katie Russell’s series of tapestry weavings inspired by the Battle of Jutland.
Saturday 24th July 2021 - Sunday 3rd October 2021
This amazing life sized Basking Shark sculpture by artist Justin Vibert Wilson was created for the RSPB’s ‘Giving Nature a Home’ project. The sculpture have been created in the runup to COP26 to raise awareness of the issues of ocean plastic pollution and climate change.
Thursday 12th August 2021 - Thursday 30th September 2021
The Iconic Doors Installation features selection of three iconic doors from across Scotland. Leave you message about what Doors Open Days mean to you! 
Saturday 25th September 2021 - Sunday 23rd January 2022
The Scottish Maritime Museum Dumbarton hosts and exhibition by The Loving Earth Project. The global community project celebrates people, places and creatures which are threatened by humanities impact on the environment.
Permanent display
Visit this exhibition built inside the hold of the last surviving Scottish-built puffer! Learn how these iconic boats evolved from small sailing coasters to steamships to diesel engine lifelines.
Permanent display
The Harbour Stories Screening Room showcases a collection of personal stories reflecting on life lived around the shipyards and marine industries of Irvine and Garnock Valley during the last century.
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