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The award-winning Scottish Maritime Museum has created two exciting new volunteering opportunities behind the scenes of the national maritime heritage collection.

The two positions – Visitor Services Volunteer and Museum Stores Volunteer – are ideal for those with a passion for history or looking for museum experience.

The Visitor Services Volunteer position is ongoing whilst the Museum Stores Volunteer will support the Museum on a fixed-term project until 26 July though there may be a possibility of extension.

Announcing the volunteering opportunities, James McLeanCurator and Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Scottish Maritime Museum, says:

We’re looking forward to welcoming new Volunteers to our Museums in Irvine and Dumbarton.

“At the Scottish Maritime Museum, we are always keen to understand the time our Volunteers want to commit. We then plan that time carefully so that all our volunteers feel their efforts are genuinely helping support and promote our charity and the rich national maritime heritage within the collections.

“In return, we want all our Volunteers to have some fun and enjoy their time with us. For some, they’ll learn great new skills that they can take forward into employment. For those who are retired, time spent at the Museum can spark exciting new interests.

“Both positions also offer quite different day to day experiences.

“The Visitor Services Volunteer role is perfect for those who would like to improve their public speaking and knowledge of history. Activities include guiding tours to our working triple expansion steam engine and 1920s Shipyard Worker’s Tenement Flat in Irvine or around the iconic Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank in Dumbarton. As well as helping bring our exhibits and exhibitions to life for our visitors, the role includes supporting our year-round events programme which includes Pirate Days, Halloween and much more!

“The Museum Stores Volunteer will work closely with our curators, carrying out light conservation work, inventory management, condition reporting and other vital curatorial activities in the collection stores.

“We can also support young volunteers, between the ages of 16 and 24 years, who wish to sign up for, and be recognised by, the Saltire Awards for their volunteering hours.”

For more information, please contact James by emailing James@scotmaritime.org.uk or calling 01294 278283.

More information on Volunteering at the Scottish Maritime Museum can also be found at www.scottishmaritimemuseum.org

Issued on behalf of the Scottish Maritime Museum 

by Joanna Harrison, Mobile: 07884 187404

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