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Maritime History Tour with Betsy Miller, Aggie MacIntosh & Rum Tasting


Scottish Maritime Museum, Linthouse, Irvine, KA12 8BT


All aboard for our popular Maritime History walking Tour at the Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine Harbourside.

This tour is guaranteed to fill you with warming Christmas spirit.
The next tours are running 2 per day, starting at 10.30am and 2pm on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Meet characters from Ayrshire’s shipping and trading past and hear of some fascinating nautical facts.

Captain Betsy Miller tells of her achievements as the first registered female ship’s captain and Aggie MacIntosh tells of her life living in the tenement rooms at the Harbourside.

After a look at some fascinating vessels and exhibits in the museum you will walk to the shipyard worker’s tenement flat and then onto the boat shop.  From there it’s a visit to a reserved seat at the Captain’s tasting table to sample some delicious IslandSlice Rum.

The tour will last approximately 2 hours, requires moderate walking and is all on the level with access for chairs and buggies on request.

Rum tasting available to 18 years and over only with a non-alcoholic alternative for younger crew members and those in charge of a vessel.

Tours will run on Saturday 2 December and Sunday 3 December at 10.30am and 2pm each day.

£22 per adult ticket.

£12 per child ticket. There is a 4 child limit per tour. (6yrs+)

The tours run at 10.30am and 2pm on both days.
Booking links are elow. Please be sure to select the correct date and time.
Sat 2 Dec 10.30am
Sat 2 Dec 2pm
Sun 3 Dec 10.30am
Sun 3 Dec 2pm


Q. What is the price of this tour?
A. The cost is £22 per person for an adult ticket.

Q.  Are children allowed on this tour?
A.  Yes, children are allowed on this tour, although anyone under 18 is not allowed to sample the rum!  In our experience under 6 years may find the tour a little long, unless they are sleeping!

Q.  Are pushchairs allowed on this tour?
A.  Yes, pushchairs are allowed, they are especially handy if your wee one is sleeping.  Please warn us if you intend to bring a pushchair as we make allowances for extra space.

Q.  Does this tour have to be booked in advance?
A.  Yes it is best that you book this tour in advance, although tickets will be available on the day until we have maximum numbers.  12 for this tour.

Q. Can I do this tour even if I don’t like rum?
A.  Yes, you can definitely do this tour even if you dont like rum.  If you are 18 or over and are not driving, we have a sneaky suspicion that you may end up liking IslandSlice rum!

Q.  How much of this tour takes place outside?
A.  You will be outside when we walk from the Linthouse building to the tenement rooms, walking from the tenements rooms to the boatshop and again when walking back to the tasting table at the Linthouse.  We have no control over the weather, and suggest that you refer to the local weather forecast before deciding on suitable clothing.

Event Details


Scottish Maritime Museum, Linthouse, Irvine, KA12 8BT


Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2023
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