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Glassblowing Experience at the Scottish Maritime Museum


Scottish Maritime Museum Linthouse Harbour Road Irvine KA12 8BT


The Glassblowing Experience Workshop is a unique and creative activity that enables you to learn a traditional craft and create beautiful glass pieces. From molten glass to handcrafted keepsakes, you will leave the workshop with more than just memories. With a newfound skill, you will proudly create a bespoke piece to display in your home.

Learning a new skill is not just about acquiring knowledge, it’s about personal growth. The glassblowing experience is a thrilling journey that not only boosts brain power but also ignites a passion within you. By booking one of our Glassblowing experiences, you’re not just gaining a skill, you’re embarking on a transformative journey that will stay with you for years.

Our glassblowing classes are designed with you in mind, regardless of your experience level. We believe that everyone can find joy in this craft. That’s why our studio provides all the tools and training you need to fall in love with glassblowing. You don’t need to worry about bringing anything to your class. Your chosen glass studio will provide everything from the benches, blocks, blowpipes, and fiery furnace.

Glassblowing requires plenty of practical skills. It is mesmerizing to watch and even more magical to do yourself. Our glassblowing experience is the perfect place to unlock your creativity – and maybe even discover a lifelong passion.

Book Glassblowing Experience Tickets Currently Sold Out

Sessions are available every

 Wednesday:- 2:00 pm – 4:00pm (2hrs)

   Saturday.   :- 10:00am- 12:00pm (2hrs)

Sessions are priced at £50 per person for one-to-one sessions.

If you book with a friend or partner, the cost is £60.

Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout July and August

Dress Code:
Please wear comfortable older clothes, preferably long sleeved top and cover shoes, trainers, or boots.

Will provide Tea & coffee and refreshments if required.

Photography: Is encouraged and please tag us in any posts online

A full Fire and Building Safety brief will be discussed on your arrival.

The trainers Robert McLeod, fellow of the BSSG, ,take all reasonable care in the conduct and control of the glassblowing workshop and will accept no responsibility for injury or loss caused during the program, demonstration or visit or whilst participants are in or near the glassblowing workshop.

All participants attending a class, demonstration or display are responsible for ensuring that they are compliant with the health and safety guidelines outlined by the training staff.

Participants, visitors, and guests must at all times take care of their own personal safety.

1.The participant, and where the participant is under 18 years of age, the participant’s guardian, warrants and certifies that the participant is fully responsible for the safety, management and care of their bodies during the program

  1. The participant is not currently injured or currently under any medical or rehabilitation supervision for any old or physical injuries or health conditions that might be affected through the course of the demo, lesson or visit of this activity.
  2. The participant is not the subject of an ongoing compensation claim.
  3. The participant will immediately fully inform the B.S.S.G Trainer, of any physical difficulties or injuries that occur during the program, demo, or visit.
  4. The participant will report to the B.S.S.S.G Trainer to complete an incident report within two hours of an injury or incident occurring.

6. Where the participant has exception to any of these warranties, the participant will personally speak to the B.S.S.G Trainer prior to participating in the program.

You will be asked to complete and sign a disclaimer form before you start.

Event Details


Scottish Maritime Museum Linthouse Harbour Road Irvine KA12 8BT


Wednesdays & Saturdays in July & August
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