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Denny Bros. Archive Material

We have been donated a large archive several hundred items relating to over 100 years of shipbuilding at William Denny and Brothers Ltd., Dumbarton. There are many items to process but already some very interesting items have surfaced, including ledgers full of neatly copied letters between Denny Bros. and others, such as this ledger from around 1887 which covers a broad range of subjects:

  • Letters from the Admiralty about galvanising
  • Letters from the Board of Trade about gun brigs
  • Method of measuring tonnage for yachts
  • Letters from the USA Consul Office about the Regulation of Steam Vessels
  • An Admirality circular about Merchant Vessels as Armed Cruisers
  • Rules on life saving material that Spanish Mercantile Vessels must carry 1890
  • Indian Merchant Shipping Bill 1892 Sections 301 – 303
  • List of some Acts of Parliament relating to Merchant Shipping between 1854 – 1889.
  • Various letters etc covering new engine design, and a dispute about the quality of chain supplied!

All this information from one single ledger from an archive of several hundred documents. We can’t wait to find some other treasures!

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