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Design and Appearance

Why did the Titanic have four funnels and what happens to a cargo vessel in rough waters? Find out in this activity factsheet and put your new knowledge to good use in our challenge.       Design and appearance…

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Stowaway Stories

This activity will need your listening skills and imagination! Our Oral History collection records memories and stories to help us learn about the past. Listen to Alexander's story of how he became an accidental stowaway and use this as inspiration…

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This factsheet and activity will help you find out about different ways of navigating at sea. Can you safely guide your boat to harbour?     Navigation (PDF Version)

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Discover and Create – Shooting the Net

This creative activity looks more closely at one of the artworks in our collection - "Shooting the Net" by Alan Watson. This painting and more can explored on the Art UK website. Shooting the net online (PDF version)

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Forces – Design, Build and Test

Design, build and test your own model boat. What will you use to power your vessel and will it remain stable on it's maiden voyage?     Forces - design and build - PDF version

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Get back to basics with this morse code activity, send messages to family and friends and learn more about lights at sea.   Communicating with light (PDF version)

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We know about the waves at sea, but did you know that another type of wave enables us to hear. (Apologies to adults at home for the noise!)      

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