Anonymous: ‘Who can identify this vessel?’

During our Collections Review, we come across all sorts of photographic scenes depicting Scottish Maritime Heritage – from men working on West Scotland’s dockyards over ship models showcased at one of the renowned Empire Exhibitions up to majestic vessels like the ‘Lady Dorothy’.

In most cases and with the help of experts and researchers, we are able to identify the photographs and objects shown. However, in some cases the actual identity of items remains an unknown mystery – just like the photograph we discovered some days ago!

This week’s “Anonymous” shows a crew and others on board an unidentified vessel. Approximately 25 men, a mixture of naval and civilian men, can be seen with other ones in the background. The men are wearing uniform and naval hats, and others wearing jackets, waistcoats and flat caps or bowler hats.

All this is clearly visible, but which vessel is shown on the photograph? Is it a coaster or a late WW1 minesweeper? Or is it rather a fishery protection vessel and the photograph shows the trials or handover to the crew?

If you know the answer to these questions or have any hint related to the identity of the vessel, don’t hesitate to contact the Scottish Maritime Museum and help us identifying the vessel.