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After Popularity of First ‘Brew & Blether’ Event ‘Scottish Maritime Museum (Denny Tank) Announces Second Event & Plans for Denny Shipyard Exhibition!

After the popularity of the first free ‘Brew & Blether’ drop-in, the Scottish Maritime Museum (Denny Tank) has announced a second event later this month and plans to showcase everyone’s stories in an upcoming exhibition.

The second ‘Brew & Blether’ will take place between 11.30am – 1pm on Thursday 25 July at the Scottish Maritime Museum (Denny Tank) on Castle Street, Dumbarton.

Once again, the session is free and everyone will have the chance to explore the Museum’s collection of photos from the William Denny & Brothers Shipyard and share any memories they have of the shipyard over a cuppa and biscuits.

Like last time, the Museum is keen to meet those who worked at the yard and in associated trades, those who had friends and family working there as well as those who are simply interested in hearing more about the shipyard and the Scottish Maritime Museum.

Through the event, the Museum hopes to gain more content for the planned exhibition on the William Denny & Brothers Shipyard, which once occupied the site at Castle Street.

The team also hope to get help putting names to faces in historic photos of life in the shipyard.

There will also be opportunities for those who would like to create an oral history.

If everyone continues to enjoy and support ‘Brew and Blether’, the Museum hopes to make it an ongoing event as plans for the exhibition develop.

Jennifer Pless, Community Engagement & Development Officer at the Scottish Maritime Museum, explains:

We were thrilled to welcome so many folk to our first ‘Brew & Blether’. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone again and, we hope, seeing lots of new faces too.

“After the success of the first Brew & Blether, we now want to go further and showcase the amazing stories and relationships around Denny’s Shipyard in an exhibition at the Museum.

“We need everyone’s help in developing the exhibition content so, to get everyone talking and sharing their memories of Dumbarton again, we’ll have more photos and maps to look at next session.

“For those who would like to preserve their memories for future generations to enjoy and learn from, we’ll also be able to help them record an oral history.

“If anyone can also identify people in our historic photos that would be an added bonus!

“We’d love to make ‘Brew & Blether’ a more regular event if everyone continues to enjoy and support it so please pop along to the Scottish Maritime Museum (Denny Tank) on Thursday 25 July!”

 The Scottish Maritime Museum, on Castle Street, Dumbarton, sits on the site of the former William Denny Shipyard. The Museum also features the Denny test tank, which is the oldest surviving experiment tank of its kind in the world.

To register your interest in being involved, please email communities@scotmaritime.org.uk or phone 01294 278283 and ask for Jen, the Museum’s Community Engagement Officer.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @scotmaritime

 Issued on behalf of the Scottish Maritime Museum by
Joanna Harrison, Mobile: 07884 187404

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