Westward of Clynder Tender

This 2.7 metre clinker built sailing dinghy was built in 1960 by McGruer Boatbuilders at the yard in Clynder on the Gareloch. 

Built as a tender for the cruising and racing yacht Westward of Clynder, this small dinghy would have been used for running between the shore and the 44ft parent yacht.

Westward of Clynder was the third of four similar yawls (a type of two masted sailing craft) to be built at the same time at the yard.

A beautiful boat built entirely of teak, Westward of Clynder originally belonged to AJ Barr, the grandson of Charlie Barr, who set a record for crossing the Atlantic in 12 days and 4 hours in the 1905 Kaiser Cup – a record that stood for almost 100 years.