Katie is a fine example of a Zulu skiff – a type of small inshore line-fishing boat, Katie was built in 1938/9 by J&G Forbes in Aberdeenshire.

Zulu vessels like Katie dominated the Scotland’s east-coast fishing fleet, bringing in large quantities of fish from the North Sea. The vessels were fast and reliable, bringing fresh catches of herring safely into port.

The Zulu uprising of 1879 was the same year the first Zulu vessel was designed by William Campbell of Lossiemouth – a combination of the best features of Fifie and Scaffie fishing boats, two popular types in later half of the 1800s.

Katie was used on the west coast until 1940 when she was requisitioned as a supply boat during World War II. She was later converted into a yacht by the Fairlie Slip Co. before being acquired by the Scottish Maritime Museum in the 1980s.