Jane Anne

Jane Anne is a rare surviving double-ended self-righting pulling and sailing lifeboat which in her time at Irvine’s RNLI station saved 12 lives across seven rescues.

Built in 1898 in Milwall, London, Jane Anne began operating out of Irvine soon after and was in use until the station closed in 1914.

Jane Anne’s design meant she was open to the elements, relying on the strength and skill of the crew who manned her. Her diagonal cross planking made her very strong and the closed ends improved buoyancy.

Jane Anne was taken to Falmouth in Southern England and stayed in service with the RNLI until 1920 where she was withdrawn following the introduction of motor boats.

Discovered in a wood near Taunton, Somerset in the 1980s, Jane Anne was transferred to the Scottish Maritime Museum in her present state in 1989.