Motor tuck Garnock was built in 1956 for the Irvine Harbour Company by George Brown & Co. at Garvel Shipyard. She assisted vessels in and out of the private Garnock Wharf which served the ICI Nobel explosives factory at Ardeer. Garnock was the last operational tug to work at Irvine and cost £40,000 to build. Her hull, fittings and 8-cylinder Lister Blackstone engine are original.

Garnock’s other duties including dumping faulty explosives at sea, and in February 1984 while doing so an explosion ripped a hole in her stern. Shortly afterward she was presented to the Scottish Maritime Museum.

Included on the National Register of Historic Vessels of the United Kingdom, Garnock is a fine example of a vessel designed specifically for service at Irvine, and is thought to be the only tug preserved in Scotland.