Tom McKendrick was born in Clydebank in 1948. Growing up in this small but vibrant industrial town has had a marked influence in his work and methodology. He served an aprenticeship as a 'Loftsman' in John Browns Shipyard before moving on to Glasgow School of Art.

His exhibitions can be best described as 'layered', allowing the viewer to explore deeply the many facets that are merged into the subject matter. The need to create a single holistic visual impact dominates his exhibitions and the use of theatrical effects are employed to enhance and bind together the varied components and intensify the aesthetic atmosphere. Primarily a painter his work is identified by its rich surface texture.

McKendricks techniques are as varied as the contents of his shows and he is at ease creating in clay, welded steel, oil paint, watercolour, light, electronics and kinetics or indeed anything that the current project demands to bring it to fruition.

The title of the talk is 'The Second Iron Age' about ships of steel and the mythology and beliefs of the builders.

This event starts at 2pm and will last about an hour followed by an optional tour until 4pm


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