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Wooden snow goggles belonging to Captain Scott

Wooden snow goggles belonging to Captain Scott

These wooden goggles are from the collection of Dundee HeritageTrust looking after the Royal Research Ship Discovery which took part in The British National Antarctic Expedition in 1902.

Goggles like these were essential when trekking through hostile Antarctic terrains to prevent the intense glare of sunlight reflecting off the snow and burning the explorers’ eyes. This pair was used by Scott during the Discovery expedition 1901-1904, his initials “RFS” are carved into the top side. The goggles could be tied on with leather straps and the cut cross provides some degree of visibility. Scott preferred these to the glass lenses which would often frost over.

The 3D model was created by the Scottish Maritime Museum as a part of the Scanning The Horizon project, working with collections from Industrial Museums Scotland (Go Industrial).

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