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“SY Carola”

SY Carola

SY Carola is possibly the oldest seagoing steam yacht in the world. It was built in 1898 by Scott & Sons of Bowling at their shipyard on the north banks of the River Clyde. At 70ft in length, Carola is of steel construction with teak decking and deckhouse, and now has two masts.

Built for personal use by the shipbuilder’s family, Carola was used as a yacht during the summer months and when not being used for pleasure by the family, it would take groups of senior yard staff on Clyde cruises. In winter it would have served as a tender and tug at the shipyard.

By 1964 it was sold to a private owner, before being purchased in 1981 by a Sussex firm and used for corporate hospitality.

Carola became a part of the Scottish Maritime Museum’s collection in 1994.

The model was created as a part of ‘Scanning The Horizon’ 3D digitisation project.

We would like to thank Historic Environment Scotland and Ulmus Media for their help during this project.

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