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Stern of SS Rifle

Stern Of SS Rifle

This is all that remains of SS Rifle, one of the earliest surviving examples of a small pre-fabricated screw steamer in the British Isles. Rifle was purchased by the Locheil Estate in the 1860s for use on Loch Arkaig, ferrying goods, passengers and mail between the isolated dwellings around the loch.

As well as being a practical vessel, Rifle was also used for pleasure, often carrying shooting parties.

The boat was laid-up in the 1930s, and whilst being scrapped, sank and lay buried until removed by the army after becoming a hazard to wartime vessels working from the pier. Rifle was blasted away from the pier, losing the bow in the process.

Despite being submerged for over half a century, it was raised in 1990. Although in a very fragile condition, Rifle’s propeller is a well-preserved example of an early design.

The model was created as a part of ‘Scanning The Horizon’ 3D digitisation project.

We would like to thank RPS Europe their help during this project.

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