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Scottish Boatbuilding School: Workshop

Scottish Boatbuilding School: Workshop

The Scottish Boatbuilding School at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine was established in 2014 to provide education and qualification in both traditional and modern boat building, as well as vessel conservation and restoration.

Addressing the growing skills shortage in the boatbuilding the Scottish Boat Building School was involved in the development of the new Modern Apprenticeship Scheme. While keeping the boatbuilding alive, the scheme aims to train up young people from the local community and provide them with skills which can then be transferred into a variety of industries: from joinery to construction.

This 3D model, created as a part of ‘Scanning the Horizon’ project, provides a unique glimpse into the school’s boatbuilding workshop, which is not accessible for the public. Listen to Martin, the Boatbuilding School Manager as he explains the mission of the School and the role of the apprenticeships.

To discover more about the workshop see: https://skfb.ly/6MyMF

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