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Scotch Boiler from “PS Waverley”

Scotch Boiler from “PS Waverley”

This original double-ended Scotch boiler from “PS Waverley”, the last sea-going paddle steamer to be built, was manufactured by Rankin and Blackmore of Greenock and installed in the vessel when it was built in 1947. It is now a rare example of a boiler of this type and size. Its impressive dimensions (over 5m tall) give a good indication of the size of the vessel’s engine room and machinery spaces.

The Scotch boiler was almost universally used during the ‘golden age’ of steam propulsion, and is another innovation developed on the Clyde by James Howden. The distinctive circular plates at the front provide access to the furnaces, where the fuel was burned. This boiler is double-ended, meaning that it has furnaces at both the front and back, which meet in the combustion chamber in the middle.

The Waverley Boiler is a loan from National Museums Scotland.

3D data captured as a part of Scanning The Horizon 3D Digitisation Project.

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