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Horizontal and Vertical Planing Machine

Horizontal and Vertical Planing Machine

This large-scale horizontal and vertical planing machine, also known as ‘wallcreeper’, was used to accurately create flat surfaces on large pieces of metal. It could plane both horizontal and vertical surfaces without altering the setting of the workplace.

Manufacturers did a roaring trade when shipbuilders and associated companies placed orders. These machines, however, were built to last. This machine for example, was used in Renfrew maintenance works of the Clyde Navigation Trust from 1906 until 1984, which shows how reliable such tools were.

Scottish manufacturers such as Thomas Shanks & Co. produced machine tools for companies worldwide. The scale of Scottish production was huge, and the development of machine tools made the large-scale manufacture of iron and steel ships possible.

The 3D model was created as a part of ‘Scanning The Horizon’ 3D Digitisation Project.

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