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Caterpillar Occupation Collection Box

Caterpillar Occupation Collection Box

In January 1987 workers at the Caterpillar plant in Uddingston tried to save 1,200 jobs through an action that came to symbolise the cruel de-industrialisation of Scotland.

After a promised £62.5 million investment was withdrawn, the workers barricaded themselves inside the factory for 103 days, eventually winning a guarantee of no immediate redundancies. However, despite the efforts of the workers to find a buyer for the plant it was closed in November of that year.

This collecting box was used to raise money to support the Caterpillar workers during the occupation and is currently in the collection administered by CultureNL Museums . You can see their collection online at culturenlmuseums.co.uk.

The 3D model was created by the Scottish Maritime Museum as a part of the Scanning The Horizon project, working with collections from Industrial Museums Scotland (Go Industrial).

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