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Ancient Egyptian Pot

Ancient Egyptian Pot

This ancient pot from the collection of Hawick Museum is a squat vessel from the tomb of Montuhotep (1795-1650 B.C.E). He was the son of a woman named Aarut. His wife’s name was Bit and he had a son, also named Montuhotep.

The pot was found by an excavation team led by John Garstang. He marked each object he found with a code (247 E ’06) which tells us that this pot came from tomb 247 at his dig-site in Esna, Egypt, and that it was found in 1906.

In the same year, Hawick Archaeological Society responded to an advert in the Times and this pot, alongside 37 other objects, was sent to them. Its provenance was lost for a time. However, in 2006 via a Museums Association and British Museum project, and thanks to the unique marking system of John Garstang, its story was rediscovered.

The 3D model was created following a training session in photogrammetry for Museums and Galleries Scotland Skills For Success Trainees (2018-2019). Part of Scanning The Horizon Project led by the Scottish Maritime Museum.

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