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In 2018 Scottish Maritime Museum began a programme of 3D digitisation of its collection.
By using 3D technology we are bringing our collection closer to the public, enabling audiences from all around the world to explore it digitally.
Have a look at our online 3D gallery and learn more about our collection!

Scanning The Horizon 3D Digitisation project was jointly funded by Museums Galleries Scotland and the Scottish Maritime Museum.

“MV Spartan”

“SY Carola” point cloud

“MV Spartan” point cloud

“SY Carola”

Cat’s head from the Cutty Sark

‘Subling’ by Tom McKendrick

Scotch Boiler from “PS Waverley”

RNLB “Jane Anne”

RNLB “Jane Anne” with transporting carriage

“Mary Chalmers”, a rowing boat

“Queen Mab”

“Venus”, a Shetland fourareen (with base)

“Stern of SS Rifle”

Boiler from the puffer “VIC 32”

Horizontal and vertical planing machine

QE2 Turbine Pattern

“Venus”, a Shetland fourareen

RG Ross & Sons Steam Hammer

Scottish Boatbuilding School: The Workshop

Scottish Boatbuilding School: point cloud (I)

Traditional Boatbuilding: building skiffs

Scottish Boatbuilding School: point cloud(II)

Figurehead of HMS “Resistance”

Figurehead of SS “Claymore”

“Prince Of Wales” Figurehead

“Ellen and Mary” Figurehead

Inkwell from Bell Rock Lighthouse

Safety Flame Lamp

Locomotive Headlamp

Air – Sea Rescue Craft (ASR-10)

Carved Sperm Whale Tooth (Scrimshaw)

Model of Pak Jute Mill Ltd Jute Boat

“Maid of Ashton” sheer plan

Silent Monitor

Wooden snow goggles

Caterpillar Occupation Collection Box

Half-hull block model (01)

Half-hull block model (02)

Half-hull block model (03)

Half-hull block model (04)

Seven Half Hull Models

Half-hull block model (05)

Half-hull block model (06)

Half-hull block model (07)

Half Hull Model of T.S.Y Liberty

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